Here is what couples have to say after attending one of our Celebrate Marriage day-long events.

What did I like most about the day?

“Opportunity to focus on spouse, address more openly some matters that we had been dancing through. Created the environment to be open and honest.”
Thomas, Married 43 years

“Review of the different areas of love. Time to discuss the issues pressing us today as a couple.”
Lillie, Married 28 years

“Sharing feelings with my wife and strengthening our relationship. Fabulous job! Very meaningful!”
Andy, Married 15 years

“Spending time with my husband, learning about each other, meeting other couples. This was a great event and I plan to attend other events in the future.”
Nita, Married 13 years

“Chance to spend quality time with my spouse answering questions and sharing how we feel about each other.”

“Opportunity to improve our marriage through dialogue. Learning about our own language of love and that of our spouse.”
Gene, Married 24 years

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