What people are saying about Celebrate Marriage

“A marriage needs three things in order to flourish: the right spiritual vision, the necessary skills to carry that vision out, and the support of the people who love them and believe in them.  Marcy and Tom Renken have been offering couples all three of these necessities for a long time now. Through their wonderfully creative Celebrate Marriage! events and materials, they have brought insight and inspiration (and fun!) to all the married couples they can reach. I’m deeply grateful for their work, and I look forward to their having an even wider impact in the future.”

Dr. Jim Healy
President, Rooted in Love

[Marcy and Tom were recognized for their work through Celebrate Marriage in 2018 with the Family Ministry Award from Region 7 of the Catholic Family Life Association.]

“So much fun! [We] didn’t know what to expect.”

— Anonymous, Married 30 years

“We had a great time!

— Dan & Beth, Married 45 years

“Passionate, committed, and determined to make a difference in the lives of married couples everywhere! Tom and Marcy Renken are waging a fierce battle on the front lines of the war on marriage and families. Telling their own story to help other couples know they are not alone and calling them to make a difference in their own little worlds and the Church.”

Chuck Neff – former host of The Inner Life on Relevant Radio
Executive Producer, The Salt River Production Group

“It was my first time [at the Romance Event] and had an amazing time. Thank you.”

— Anonymous, Married 14 years

“Great work guys! [We] look forward to this [Romance Event] every year!!!”

— Corey & Joni, Married 16 years

“[I most enjoyed] spending time with my husband, learning about each other, [and] meeting other couples. This was a great event and I plan to attend other events in the future.”

Nita, Married 13 years

“It was so fun and [we liked the] funny commercials!”

— Beth & Luis, Married 23 years

“[I enjoyed the] opportunity to focus on [my] spouse [and] address more openly some matters that we had been dancing through. [You] created the environment to be open and honest.”

Thomas, Married 43 years

“[We] needed the [Celebrate Marriage Conference] and didn’t know it, got tools for letting some messy stuff go.”

— Mike, Married 38 years

“[We realized] we are not alone in the struggles and joys in our vocation. And that our church (and priests) recognize and support us!”

— Dan & Laura, Married 9 years

“As a professional Marriage and Family Therapist working in this field for almost 35 years I can attest to that need and not just for more counselors and therapist who believe and will support the teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage, but for lay people to step up and fill in the gaps… Psychology as a profession has taken some humanistic turns that place it in contrast and often at odds with the Christian faith as we understand it in the historical teachings of the Church… Tom and Marcy are the real thing, modeling how the grace of God can not only bring healing to a marriage, but transform that marriage into a ministry of encouragement for others.”

Dr. Timothy Heck
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Indiana and Colorado

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